Black Gospel from the Golden Era (1940s, 1950s and 1960s))
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NEW! Sensational Nightingales – The Story of Joseph "Jo Jo" Wallace &
the Early Days of the Sensational Nightingales by Opal Louis Nations

First-published history of the Sensational Nightingales, this internationally
celebrated Post-War, black gospel music quartet, spanning the last seven
decades. With 40 pages of rare photographs plus interviews with leading
protagonists "Jo Jo" Joseph Wallace and the late Charles Johnson.
Includes childhood recollections, harrowing, out-on-the highway travel
tales, detailed record release appraisals and annotated album
discographies written from a fan perspective. Published November 2014

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Most of Opal Nations' published music articles now available on his
website, Almost 150 articles on Gospel, Blues, R&B,
ocal Groups, Soul, Jazz and more from  Blues & Rhythm Magazine, Now
Dig This and Big City Blues, among others, as well as many long
out-of-print periodicals. Each article can be read on the screen or
downloaded and printed in easy PDF format. Many rare photographs.

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Texas Gospel, Vols. 8 & 9
2-CD box set with 54 songs. Please see Other Gospel CDs page, or click here
Windy City Gospel, Vol. 2: The Vee Jay Singles Collection, 1954-1959 -- a selection
2-CD box set with 51 songs. Please see Other Gospel CDs page, or click here
To see Opal's 60-page booklet of liner notes and photos to "Texas Gospel, Vols.
3-5, please
click here
To see Opal's 38-page article with many rare photos -- "Swingin' On The Golden
Gate," A Survey of Blues, R&B, Jazz & Gospel Music on Independent Record
Labels in the San Francisco Bay Area, 1945-1958
," please click here